Digital Support service plans


We’ve been thinking about how we can provide more value to our clients, in helping you keep up with the ongoing evolution of digital marketing.

We realise that you are a smaller business, just like us. You’ve been in business for a while, and know you’re good at what you do.

We also know that being a smaller business means you have to wear all the hats. Management, marketing, advertising, accounting, legal, customer service, project management, staffing – you get it!

Unless you are a digital native, it’s often those frustrating tasks requiring IT savvy that turn out to be time gobbling black-holes!

You may have noticed others in your industry being proactive with how they manage their digital presence, which raises several questions.

  1. Am I connecting with my clients (existing and prospective) in ways that work best for them?
  2. If I’m not connecting in the ways my clients expect, then how do I go about it? (after all, I don’t have enough time, understanding, expertise, creativity, desire!…)

You don’t need to be hosted by AIM Creative to use this service!


Aim Creative hosting clients receive:

  • Secure and fast web hosting
  • Daily website back-up
  • Background updates to core, plug-ins and theme to ensure the best performance of your site
  • Peace of mind that web visitors can find your business online


Anyone can receive:

Production of all the other digital content and services, which is vital in running a business in 2024 – by signing up to one of our Digital Support plans below.

We believe this new service really fills a need for small business!

Digital Assistant possibilities

Clients who are already engaging us by way of this Digital Support monthly retainer say:

“It brings peace of mind, knowing that I can just flick Yvonne an email or call her with what I need, and it gets done”

and…“I’ve budgeted this expense each month, it can be carried forward each month if I don’t use it*.  It’s a great investment in my business, and I feel more comfortable asking Yvonne for help with little bits and pieces – knowing it’s just being added to my retainer”

AIM Creative Digital Support Plans

You have nothing to lose in signing up for any one of our plans…

*You get to carry forward any unused balance (for up to 12 mths), to be used on any digital service related to your business!

Just pop your details in here and select which plan suits you best:

If you’ve signed up now – congratulations!  If you want to have a chat first, please just give us a call here