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Be more engaging and more memorable. Video has close to 100% information retention rate, compared to just 10% for skimmed text.

This evolution in viewer engagement means businesses stand to gain a lot by sharing their information, services and products via video.

It doesn’t need to be ‘Big Production’ to be successful.  Video can take the form of ‘selfie style’ if that is in line with who you are.  It can also be a mix of professional and live captures.  Video is a really easy way to connect with your ‘people’. To share new idea’s, products, updates and communicate your brand through your face and voice.

Aim Creative can help get you started with tips and tricks.  We can create video intro’s/outro’s with your branding.  Or we can just do it all for you!


Animated Infographic

This personal project was created using Adobe After Effects.  It involved researching and disseminating facts around gender based academic results at primary school level, using the NZNS system and other global statistics – then creating an appealing way of delivering the results.

Mindbody Leaders

Leadership development is very much about having a strong connection with the program directors.  Shona Munro and David Bennett from Mindbody Leaders wanted to communicate what makes them different in a succinct way.  This series of video’s captures the essence of their team, while answering the right questions in a conversational tone.

Animated forest & bird logo

This animated logo rendering was created in Adobe After Effects, using distortion and particle effects to create movement from a vector based artwork.

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