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We simplify digital communication for small businesses – building websites that work for NZ small business – helping you attract the clients you really want.

UX Design

User Experience is all about making your website intuitive – not just in the flow and navigation, but about what shows up, when.  This requires a clear understanding of what you really wish to achieve in your business.

UI Design

This is the ‘ease of use’ of your website.  How the buttons react when you touch them, how the layout responds to different screen sizes.  How the space around key components draws the eye.  It’s the interactivity.

Process Driven

Aim Creative continue to develop their processes to help keep projects on time.  We understand the time challenges with running a small business and these processes support you in receiving a great website – on time.

Project Management

As a small business, we understand how challenging it can be to extract the essence of what you want to achieve in your business marketing.  We provide a good balance in obtaining the content needed for your website, without hassling you!

Design and Photography

Aim Director Yvonne van Leeuwen draws on her background as a professional photographer (prior to completing her degree in Digital Design).  The combination of these fields is a huge asset in creating the right content for clients to support their website development.


We collaborate with an award winning team, renowned for their use of leveraging digital insights and proven marketing strategies to connect businesses with more customers online.
They work in collaboration with us to improve conversion rates.

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